Cable and Inventory Management

At Texcan, we customize our products and services to fit your needs. You buy only what you need and we’ll package it to your specifications and deliver it on your schedule – including same-day shipping.  We help increase customer efficiencies and control costs through competitive contract pricing and:

Vast product selection

We have what you need, ready to go. We custom-cut our cables so that you pay for only what you need. Our long lengths capability reduces the risk of costly splicing failures.

Improved site receiving efficiency

Our custom cable preparation process is matched to your equipment and facilities, using customer-specified tagging, reel sizes, packing slips, bar-coded product labels, and weather-proofing to suit your jobsite. We adapt to fit our customers’ needs, not the other way around.

Matching the project service cycle

We do the work by taking responsibility for procurement, site coordination, and expediting. We will also handle surplus product. Simplify operations by leaving the logistics to us.

Optimized delivery and storage

By releasing products according to your scheduling system, we can streamline delivery and reduce storage costs. We offer a vendor-managed inventory program for major projects and can store customer-owned inventory in a Texcan warehouse, which can reduce your warehousing costs and storage hassles.

Accurate transporting and tracking

Let us coordinate carrier and transportation logistics on your behalf. Our central locations make it easy to transport by road – including ice roads – rail and ship. We also provide expediting and progress reports so that you know the exact location of your order, which can reduce costly project delays. 

Emergency support 24/7

We can help restore output, get a project back on track, and save you money by putting together a procurement and emergency product delivery plan quickly to address emergency needs.

For more information on how we can help with your next project: