Environmental & Blueway

At Texcan, we respect the environment. We’re committed to the sustainable use of electricity and eco-friendly products and processes. Our environmentally conscious and sustainable practices include:

  • Offering refunds for returned reels which are later re-used
  • Recycling product shipment packaging to keep paper, glass, aluminum, Styrofoam, and other material out of the landfill
  • Minimizing use of hazardous materials and disposing of them responsibly


Texcan is also involved in BlueWay, a global sustainable development program created by Sonepar. Our BlueWay practices include marketing energy-efficient products and making conscious choices at all our facilities to reduce our environmental footprint.

BlueWay’s Energy Saving and Environment Week

Energy Saving and Environment Week is an annual world-wide sustainability initiative that promotes energy-saving products and solutions and raises environmental awareness among customers and associates.

The event, which takes place in Canada every May, has been a success since 2011. Sonepar operations world-wide design Energy Saving Week activities, ranging from customer conferences and seminars to BlueWay product promotions and internal contests with awards for energy-saving ideas.