Isolated, rugged terrain and harsh climates can present mining operations with unique challenges in establishing and maintaining production.  Texcan helps mining companies overcome these challenges. Here’s how:

Project support

Our team of specialists have the product and technical knowledge to provide exploration and feasibility studies, contract pricing, detailed reports and other services to increase efficiency. Industry engineers, owners and contractors work with dedicated teams that provide EPC integration to support major projects from start to finish.

Specialized products

As a leading wire and cable supplier, Texcan is able to purchase industry-specific inventory. Our specialty mining products are designed to meet safety standards and withstand the toughest environments. They include:

  • Vertical Riser cable for stability during vertical drops
  • Cables and wires for conveyors, pumps, blasting and boreholes
  • Sheathed cables for use in sub-zero temperatures and fire-rated cable
  • Reflective cable for increased visibility
  • Security cables to ensure employee safety through monitoring devices
  • Chemical-resistant rigid cable
  • Low-smoke-zero halogen cables for tunnels and other confined spaces
  • Cables for hazardous locations
  • Riser rated fiber

Storing and shipping expertise

Texcan has extensive warehouse space across Canada, including a 200,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Edmonton, Alberta . Our products are ready to go with same-day shipping and we:

  • Match product releases to our customers’ schedules to streamline installation and reduce on-site storage
  • Ship to isolated locations world-wide from our facilities near major air, sea and road transportation routes
  • Track deliveries to ensure products arrive when needed – eliminating project delays

Custom cable solutions

Special construction and packaging means faster and safer installation especially on complex projects in remote locations. Texcan can increase efficiency by:

  • Custom cutting to reduce waste
  • Using cable jacket identifiers for fast, accurate and safe installation
  • Lagging reels with wood or other durable covers for protection during transit

Emergency support

Mining operations need reliable power to operate safely. That’s why Texcan travels to project sites any time, any place, any weather to deliver critically needed services and products.

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