We’ve used our state-of-the-art distribution centres to help us become one of Canada's largest electrical and electronic wire and cable distributors.


This gallery showcases our flagship 200,000 square foot CDC centre in Edmonton, Alberta.


With more than $65 million in inventory and 16,000+ different items in stock, we’re well stocked and able to help you avoid costly delays. Some of our most popular products include:

Texcan Head Office
Edmonton CDC
Texcan Products
  • Exterior Night
    Exterior of Texcan building at the front
  • Teck Cable
    3 Conductor copper tape shielded teck cable with a red jacket
  • Reception
    Texcan front entry way
  • Exterior Night
    Exterior shot of Texcan Entry
  • Building Wire
    Armoured AC90 Building wire. Used in dry locations only, for open and concealed electrical wiring as well as cable troughs and ventilated flexible cableways
  • NorthShore
    Beautiful backdrop of BC's Northshore mountains
  • Cable Racking
    Texcan extensive cable racking
  • Portable Cord
    SOOW yellow portable cord used for temporary power applications.
  • Exterior front
    Exterior shot of Texcan front entry
  • Large Cable Reels
    Texcan can machine and handle up to 128 inch reels
  • North east
    North east exterior corner office view
  • Cable Cutting Machinery Overview
    Overview of a few of Texcan's industrial cutting equipment