Power & Utility

Texcan understands that energy needs are expanding across Canada and around the world – with demands for power that is affordable, clean and smart.

As a leading wire and cable supplier, Texcan can help power and utilities industries meet the demands they face for both new capital projects and ongoing maintenance. Here’s how:

Technical expertise

From wind farm to traditional substation, our knowledge of cable selections and applications is unparalleled. Our staff can provide detailed technical engineering data, including data on new cable offerings, and review building materials to make sure we’ve got the right cabling option. And if we don’t have the product on hand, we’ll explore substitutes that can save costly delays.

Specialized products

Texcan understands the need to reduce power failure risks and secure future power supply with innovative technologies. Our power generation products include:

  • Wiring for underground and overhead transmission lines
  • Cable for overhead applications or direct burial
  • Fibre-optic cable for network telecommunications
  • Instrumentation cables that minimize noise and signal interference; control and power cable
  • Guy wiring – non-electrical anchoring of power lines and poles

Custom lengths and Inventory management 

Texcan’s long-length cutting for transmission lines reduces risks of costly splicing failures. Since power and utilities companies purchase products in large volumes, Texcan stores customer-owned products in extensive warehouse space  – saving on storage space and reducing costs.

Emergency support

Power failures and project shutdowns cost a lot of money. That’s why Texcan travels to project sites any time, any place and any weather to deliver critically needed services and products to keep operations running.

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