Cable Supply Chain Solutions

With a vast range of stock on-hand and a large network of Canadian distribution facilities, Texcan is positioned to be a key part of your supply chain solutions. We can help you reduce carrying costs, free up warehouse space, and eliminate waste by delivering only what is needed, when it’s needed.

We’re uniquely prepared to be an integrated part of your supply chains because of our:

Warehouse capacity

With over 500,000 ft2 in warehouse space, we hold a large inventory of products that are ready to go when needed. 

Volume buying

As wire and cable specialists, Texcan buys high volumes of specific products. This means we get discounted prices and we pass those savings onto our customers.

Advanced inventory management techniques

With decades of experience, we’re experts in predicting demand, stocking, and cutting products to ensure inventory flows only as required. Our network of carriers means frequent deliveries aren’t a problem and we expedite shipping to keep your projects on schedule.

Specialized procurement

If we don’t have a product on-hand, we’ll do the legwork to procure the specific items you need for a particular project. If a unique cabling solution is needed, we’ll work with our manufacturers to create one.

Streamlined delivery

Our teams can:

  • Expedite orders
  • Coordinate and facilitate delivery
  • Ensure carriers have the right equipment to unload at a site
  • Provide many other site receiving services

Customized reporting

One of our specialities is creating quick and accurate reports that can work with your data processes. We take the time to understand your reporting requirements, so that we can provide you with the data you need. These reports can take the form of inventory and other fulfillment reports, reel reports, as well as reports on key performance indicators.

Customized invoicing

We tailor our invoicing to match external portals, making electronic data transfer easier and faster, which eliminates duplication and increases efficiency.

For more information on how we can help with your next project: