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With 45 Years of Experience
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Trusted Experts

With 45 years of experience, you can trust our knowledgeable Product Specialists and our in-house Engineers. We have an extensive selection of electrical wire and cable, and our Product Experts are ready to assist you in choosing the right one for your upcoming project.

We can answer any wire & cable questions you may have, from niche product recommendations to suit your specific needs, installation guidance that follows the best practices, troubleshooting advice, to clarification on CSA & UL standards that ensure safety and quality

Texcan’s Product Experts are not just salespeople, but partners who support you throughout your project. Contact your local Texcan Representative now and get a quote today.

When Other's Can't, Texcan
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Texcan - Home Page Large Image Blocks 2023 - Major Projects Group
Major Projects Group

When it comes to large-scale projects, you need a cable supplier that can handle the complexity and scope of your project requirements. That’s why Texcan created the Major Projects Group, a team of Product Specialists that focus exclusively on supporting major national or international projects.

Based in Vancouver, Canada, our Major Projects Group works closely with engineers, project owners, and contractors throughout the entire project lifecycle, from planning and design to procurement and delivery. We offer customized solutions and reliable service to ensure your project runs smoothly from start to finish.

Texcan is the first cable supplier in our market to have a dedicated Major Projects Group. We are proud to serve customers across various industries and regions across the world.

Take Advantage of Our Inventory Availability
Texcan - Home Page Large Image Blocks 2023 - North American Manufacturing, Express Delivery
North American Manufacturing, Express Delivery

With warehouse space across Western Canada, we stock thousands of North American made inventory items that are ready to ship at a moment's notice. Our 5 branches are strategically located to ensure we can ship and deliver our product to you in the shortest time possible. 

Whether you need wire & cable for residential, commercial, industrial, or specialty applications, we have the right product for you. Ensure your next project stays on schedule with our custom storage, staggered shipping solutions, and more. 

 We are committed to providing you with the best service and quality in the wire & cable industry. Call Texcan today.

We Do It All
Texcan - Home Page Large Image Blocks 2023 - We do it all - Industries

At Texcan, we have been supplying cables to a wide variety of industries across Canada for 45 years. As one of Western Canada’s largest wire & cable suppliers, Texcan stocks a variety of cables for specialized applications.

We are one of the few distributors that stock long lengths of 2-HR fire-rated cables that prevent the spread of fire and keep lights powered for hospitals and critical zones. We also stock variable frequency drive (VFD) cables for manufacturing and instrumentation that can reduce electrical noise, interference, and improve the performance of motors and drives. If you need data cables for secure communications lines, Texcan has you covered with industrial fiber optic cables, jacketed and armoured against weather and environmental hazards.

Whether you need cables for residential, commercial, industrial, or infrastructure applications, trust that Texcan has the expertise and experience to meet your requirements.  When others can't, Texcan.

Custom Cabling: The Perfect Fit
Texcan - Home Page Large Image Blocks 2023 - Custom Cabling The perfect fit
Custom Cabling Solutions

At Texcan we understand every project has its own unique cabling requirements. That is why at Texcan, we can provide custom cabling solutions that allow you to customize your cable order according to your specific needs and preferences.

With our custom cabling solutions, you can rest assured that your next wire pull goes faster and smoother than ever. We offer custom-cut lengths, paralleled cables, lagging, specialized tagging, pulling grips and more.

Our custom options give you control and flexibility of modernized wire pulls. Save installation time, improve performance, reduce waste, add safety, and save money and time with Texcan's Custom Cabling Solutions.

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