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Paralleling & SIMpull Solutions®
A whole new way to pull wire

Southwire’s SIMpull Solutions® speeds up installation time, creates a safer work environment, and revolutionizes the way you pull cable today!

SIMpull Reel™

A traditional cable pull typically requires a tremendous amount of labour, equipment, and time to move, set up, and pay off feeder cables safely. Southwire's SIMpull™ Reel maneuverable payoff system eliminates the need for additional equipment and makes it possible for one worker to safely and efficiently maneuver a 6,000 lb reel through narrow halls and doorways.

  • Maneuverable payoff system with independent rotating flanges and a separate rotating inner wheel
  • Allows one person to move a reel weighing up to 6,000 lbs/2,722kg without the need for pallet jacks and other equipment
  • Integral magnetic reel chocks and payoff tension adjustment
  • Significantly easier and safer to move reels throughout the job site
  • Fits through 32” wide doorways (reel size: 61” H x 30” W)
  • Can be placed right next to the feed conduit/point

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The Paralleling Process

Paralleled and stacked cable reels allow you to combine multiple cable runs onto one single reel. One reel can contain multiple stacks and both copper and aluminum cables. Stacked reels containing multiple pulls are separated by shrink wrap with an easy to pull Texcan Tear Tab for quick removal of the wrap. Our custom tagging system ensures that there's no mistake on where to pull the next cable run. Each stack is marked with length, destination, and customized labeling is available upon request.

  • Reduces scrap and clean-up
  • Speeds up installation time
  • Lowers on-site yard space requirements by decreasing the number of reels required at a job
  • Each segment can be cut-to-length
  • Customize your paralleled cable with the jacket colour combinations of your choice
  • SIMpull Heads™ pulling grips can be pre-installed to each circuit upon request
  • Product options include SIMpull NoLube® RW90, T90, and RWU90 (copper & aluminum)

Additional SIMpull Solutions® products
Services - Paralleling & SIMpull Solutions® - NoLube® SIMpull RW90
NoLube® SIMpull RW90™

Southwire’s NoLube® SIMpull RW90™ can be pulled quickly and easily without applying lube. In real-world applications by electrical contractors, SIMpull RW90™ reduced installation time by an average of 30%. Available in a large assortment of colors for easy identification.

Services - Paralleling & SIMpull Solutions® - SIMpull Cradle
SIMpull™ Cradle

Southwire’s SIMpull™ Cradle allows for easy, one-person operation to load and unload SIMpull™ Reels. A single contractor can payoff directly off the cradle and is forklift/pallet truck maneuverable.

Services - Paralleling & SIMpull Solutions® - SIMpull Flange
SIMpull™ Flange

With independently rotating flanges and reusable design, the SIMpull™ Flange removes the need for heavy jack stands on your job site. Easy to set up, 2000lb load capacity, and can be set up in minutes. This allows workers to move reels 34" and smaller with ease directly to a feeder point. 

Services - Paralleling & SIMpull Solutions® - SIMpull Heads™ Pulling Grips
SIMpull Head™ pulling grips

Save time, waste, and clean-up with SIMpull Head™ pulling grips. The heads' low profile and staggered design ensure that they can fit through any conduit or bend. Reels can be pre-installed with SIMpull Head™ pulling grips for your convenience.