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Southwire’s SIMpull Solutions® speeds up installation time, creates a safer work environment, and revolutionizes the way you pull cable today!

Discover the future of electrical wire installations with Southwire's cutting-edge SIMpull Solutions®. Designed to simplify and enhance every step of the process, from cable pulling to material handling, these revolutionary solutions are engineered to elevate efficiency, reduce labour, and ensure utmost safety.

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Texcan - Services - Paralleling & SIMpull Solutions® - SIMpull Stack™ Reels
SIMpull Stack™ Reels

Parallel and the original, patented SIMpull Stack™reels allow you to combine multiple pulls on one single reel. ONE REEL with up to 5 wires of individually coloured conductors, for up to 4 pulls, depending on the size of the cable and length of the pull.

Texcan - Services - Paralleling & SIMpull Solutions®

A traditional cable pull typically requires a tremendous amount of labour, equipment, and time to move, set up, and pay off feeder cables safely. The SIMpull™ Reel maneuverable payoff system eliminates the need for additional equipment and makes it possible for one worker to safely and efficiently maneuver a 6,000 lb reel through narrow halls and doorways.

Texcan - Services - Paralleling & SIMpull Solutions® - SIMpull Head™ pulling grips
SIMpull Head™ pulling grips

Save time, waste, and clean-up with SIMpull Head™ pulling grips. The heads' low profile and staggered design ensure that they can fit through any conduit or bend. Reels can be pre-installed with SIMpull Head™ pulling grips for your convenience.

Texcan - Services - Paralleling & SIMpull Solutions® - SIMpull™ Cradle
SIMpull™ Cradle

Southwire’s SIMpull™ Cradle allows for easy, one-person operation to load and unload SIMpull™ Reels. A single contractor can payoff directly off the cradle and is forklift/pallet truck maneuverable.

Texcan - Services - Paralleling & SIMpull Solutions® - Simple Delivery
Simple Delivery

Have your colour, paralleled, cut-to-length reels, with SIMpull Heads™ pulling grips installed and delivered on SIMpull® Payoffs, on our SIMpull™ Truck. You can then move the reels on the payoffs to the pull site, or you can back a flatbed truck with SIMpull® Payoffs up to your jobsite, hook the rope to the pulling grips and start your pull.

Texcan - Services - Paralleling & SIMpull Solutions® - NoLube® SIMpull RW90™
NoLube® SIMpull RW90™

Experience the next level of convenience and efficiency with NoLube® wire technology. Say goodbye to messy lubricants and hello to a cleaner, faster installation process. NoLube® SIMpull® cables are engineered to reduce friction, making cable pulling smoother and hassle-free.

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