Building wire and cable can be found in every residential, commercial, and industrial building in Canada. These products are used to carry electricity into or within buildings. They help power everything from electrical outlets inside a private residence to fixtures or power feeds inside a hospital. These are very diversified products.

Building wire and cable are available in multiple colours and construction types. They typically range from 300V to 1kV and can be manufactured with copper or aluminum conductors. Designed for both wet and dry locations, building wire and cable can be armoured or unarmoured.

5 Common Building Wire & Cable Products

  • NMD90 (300V): NMD stands for Non-Metallic Dry with a rated temperature of 90 degrees Celsius. This cable is non-armoured and constructed with either copper or aluminum conductors encased in a PVC-Nylon insulation and protected by a moisture-resistant PVC jacket. NMD cables should be used in dry settings and is the most common cable found inside residential applications.
  • AC90 (600V): AC90 stands for Armoured Cable with a rated temperature of 90 degrees Celsius. AC90 has a flexible aluminum interlocked armour with a Cross-linked Polyethylene (XLPE) insulation encasing either copper or aluminum conductors. AC90 does not have an outer jacket. AC90 is commonly used in open and concealed wiring in dry settings.
  • RA90 (600V): RA90 stands for “Rubber-like” Armoured with a temperature rating of 90 degrees Celsius. RA90 has a vapour-tight corrugated aluminum armor with a rated temperature of 90 degrees Celsius. It has an XLPE insulation for copper or aluminum conductors. RA90 has a sunlight-resistant, flame-retardant, low-temperature PVC outer jacket. RA90 is used in exposed or concealed wiring in wet or dry settings and can be exposed to weather or direct buried.
  • RW90 (600V): RW90 stands for “Rubber-like” Wet-rated with a temperature rating of 90 degrees Celsius. RW90 is unarmoured and is constructed from either copper or aluminum encased in an XLPE insulation. RW90 is commonly used in open wiring in wet or dry settings.
  • Bare Copper: As the name suggests, this type of building wire consists of a single solid or annealed copper conductor. Bare copper is commonly used for bonding or grounding electrical circuits.

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