We are now more connected than ever. Ethernet cables connect our computers to networks, giving us access to the internet and other shared network resources. This access is crucial for everyone from children completing their homework to technicians controlling machinery on a factory floor.  

We supply Belden’s ethernet cables in a large variety of constructions and categories: shielded vs. non-shielded and armored vs. non-armored. These cables are used in different voltage-approved applications including data centers, industrial plants in mining, pulp and paper, oil and gas, food and beverage, wastewater treatment plants, and more.

Why use Belden ethernet cables?

The benefits of using Belden’s ethernet cables include:

  • 10-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Smaller cable bend radius for ease of installation
  • Foil and braid designs available for noise immunity with bonded pairs
  • Installable Performance® translates to superior electrical performance after cable installation 
  • Bonded-Pair technology ensures no performance-robbing gaps between conductor pairs
  • Sun, oil, and abrasion-resistant cable jackets 
  • Typically, Belden’s ethernet cables have a thicker, more robust jacket and have a wider operating range down to -40C

10 Year Warranty

Belden has a strong industry reputation and stands behind its products. Their 10-year warranty is unparalleled and is 10x the average cable manufacturer’s warranty.

Texcan stocks a full range of ethernet cables for fast, convenient delivery. We are proud to be one of Canada’s largest stocking distributors of Belden wire and cable products. Call us today and we can go through your project requirements together.

Featured Supplier: Belden

As a global leader in designing and manufacturing wire and cable, Belden has been sending all the right signals for nearly 120 years. Belden’s product portfolio of signal transmission, power supply, and data communication products incorporates leading-edge technologies in creating customized solutions for today’s highly connected world. Belden excels in creating industrial solutions for managing mission-critical systems.

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