We are proud to be an official distributor of Northern Cables’ products. Known as The Armoured Cable Specialists, Northern Cables is celebrating its 25th anniversary of making wire and cable this year.

The Northern Cables story began in 1996 with the closure of Phillips Cables in Brockville, Ontario. A group of 6 former Phillips employees, Shelley Bacon, Richard Trapp, David Chartrand, Kevin Charlebois, Joe Brunner, and Todd Stafford decided to start their own company. The rest, as they say, is history. From 6 employees and 1 facility to over 270 employees and 3 facilities, Northern Cables is a Canadian-owned and operated wire and cable success story.

As one of only a handful of manufacturers that draw, strand, and anneal their own conductors with exclusively North American raw materials, Northern Cables manufactures products in copper up to 750 MCM and up to 1000 MCM in aluminum.

Northern Cables has specialized in manufacturing a core set of products, which has allowed them to focus on quality and performance. One of their core products is Teck90, a low-voltage armoured power cable built for commercial and industrial applications. Northern Cables is also well known for its AC90, a low voltage armoured electrical cable designed for interior applications.

Their products can be found in commercial and multi-residential or in government and institutional applications. More information can be found in our catalogues and flyers:

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