In honour of Health and Safety Month Sonepar would like to take this opportunity to provide a safety update on the transformation of Canada’s Health and Safety (H&S) processes.

“Last year we began streamlining our Operational H&S processes, by modernizing the procedures and digitalizing the collected data. We are pleased to announce that Enablon has been fully integrated in Canada and has revitalized our H&S culture,” said Sonepar Canada’s VP of Logistics, Michael Sudjian.   

“Our focus has always been, ‘Service First, Safety Always,’ and Enablon has encouraged this mindset by eliminating the pain points associated with H&S and providing associates access to engaging synchronized dashboards on all Sonepar devices.

“The next phase of our safety roadmap is to assist with leveraging this best practice in North America and implement this striving model across the USA.”

“By harmonizing the culture of Operational H&S within North America through a centralized platform, we are aligning Sonepar’s undisrupted service standard and our consistent dedication to safety – internationally.”

About Sonepar:

Sonepar in Canada is an independent family-owned company with market leadership in the business-to-business distribution of electrical, industrial, safety products, and related solutions. We are represented by 8 locally managed electrical and industrial distributors and have over 90 locations with coverage in 8 provinces.