Comtran VITALink® Cable is designed to support life and fire safety. This cable offers survivability for 2 hours in a fire when installed in accordance with installation instructions as well as FHITC 40A system documents. This allows for evacuation system equipment to operate properly and to facilitate communication systems. Designed for critical life applications, these cables support systems such as fire detection, ventilation and pressurization, lighting, alarm and noise signaling, emergency power, communications, elevators, and smoke control devices.

Comtran VITALink® Cable provides labour savings, reducing total installed costs compared to other competitors' products. 

Features & Benefits: 

  • Looks and feels like standard cables
  • Requires no special tools or training to install 
  • Requires no special terminations
  • Comes in long lengths
  • Wet rated
  • Low smoke zero halogen
  • Longest vertical lengths vs. competition
  • Less labour than most alternative methods
  • Less overall costs than most alternative methods 


  • EVAC- Emergency Voice -Alarm - Communications
  • Fireman’s Telephone & Area of Refuge Communication systems
  • Visible Notification  Appliances
  • Fan/Damper Pressurization Systems
  • Fuel Leak Detection Systems


  • CAN/ULC-S139 Certified with Hose Stream Test for use in FHITC system 40A 
  • NEC type FPL, CMG, CL3 & PLTC for use in Electrical Circuit Integrity System FHIT 40A
  • c(UL) listed CMG
  • CEC and CSA listed FAS90 to C22.2 No. 208-14
  • UL Certified to ANSI/UL 2196 2-Hour fire rating for use in FHIT system 40A. (See UL Fire Resistance Directory R27557)
  • UL 1424 Listed FPL-LS for Power-Limited Fire Alarm Cables; 300V / 105°C
  • UL 13 Listed CL3 & PLTC for Power-Limited Circuit Cables; 300V / 105°C
  • UL 444 Listed CMG for Communication Cable; 300V / 105°C
  • Fire certified for power-limited system use at 72V phase-to-phase utilization voltage