Texcan is now offering Southwire SIMpull Solutions® Parallel and Stacked Reels to our product offerings. This will reduce pulling setup times, which will reduce your labour costs.  

Parallel and Stacked reels provide Texcan customers with the ability to combine multiple cable runs onto one single reel. Whether you’re pulling into conduit, cable trays, or duct banks, parallel runs will save you time. The savings are especially noticeable on smaller runs, where setup may account for a larger percentage of the job time. One reel can contain up to 5 phases and 4 different pulls. Stacked reels containing multiple pulls are separated by shrink wrap with an easy to pull rip cord for quick removal of the wrap.  

All five of Texcan warehouses are fully equipped to cut cables to your specified lengths. To order parallel runs, you will need to know the circuit length (length of run from one end to the other) and the cable you’re using. The cables on a reel must be of the same diameter, to avoid differing pay-off rates as the reel turns.

 Benefits of Parallel and Stacked Reels include:

  • Reduces scrap and clean-up  
  • Speeds up installation time
  • Lowers on-site yard space requirements by decreasing the number of reels required at a job
  • Each segment can be cut-to-length
  • Customize your paralleled cable with the jacket colour combinations of your choice
  • SIMpull Heads™ pulling grips can be pre-installed to each circuit upon request
  • Product options include NoLube® SIMpull RW90, T90, and RWU90 (copper & aluminum)