To further complement Texcan’s critical life application cable portfolio, Texcan is now stocking a 300V non-armoured 2-hour fire resistive circuit integrity cable with hose stream approval. VITALink® Cable is designed to support life and fire safety. This cable offers “survivability” for 2-Hours in harsh environments while being fully operational to allow for the safe evacuation of building occupants.  

It supports critical systems such as:

  • EVAC – Emergency Voice-Alarm Communication Smoke and Fire Alarm Systems
  • Fireman’s Telephone and Area of Refuge Communication Systems
  • Visible Notification Appliances
  • Fan/Damper Pressurization Systems
  • Fuel Leak Detection Systems
  • Fire Pump – Feeder/Controls
  • Smoke Control & Management Equipment
  • Command Centre Critical Systems
  • Pressured Stairway Systems
  • Electrical Equipment Rooms
  • Emergency Generator and Standby Power Systems 

Common applications include:

  • Commercial and Industrial Facilities
  • High-rise Buildings: Residential and Commercial
  • Public Spaces: Heath Care Facilities, Airports, Universities, Hotels, and Stadiums
  • Transportation Routes: Tunnels and Subways for Emergency Communications


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