Texcan continues to grow our product lines and we are excited to introduce the innovative VITALink® MC 2-Hour Fire Rated Cable, a self contained 2-hour fire rated cable system. Texcan is the authorized distributor of this product for Western Canada. Fire rated circuits are required to remain operational during a fire to support firefighting operations and the safe egress of occupants. 

The innovative VITALink® MC 2-Hour Fire Rated Cable can be used to connect:

  • Fire alarms 
  • Emergency device activation 
  • Fire pumps
  • Emergency systems
  • Fire fighter elevators 
  • Smoke evacuation fans 

VITALink® MC 2-Hour Fire Rated Cable can be installed in:

  • High rises
  • Hospitals
  • Stadiums
  • College & universities
  • Senior residences
  • Historic buildings
  • Tunnels and subways
  • Hotels
  • Banks 

VITALink® MC 2-Hour Fire Rated Cable provides Texcan customers with affordability, reliability, and ease of installation advantages over other fire rated cables. MC cables are known for their lowered installed cost over other wiring methods that meet the requirements for 2-Hour Fire Rating. No conduit is needed to install VITALink® MC 2-Hour Fire Rated Cable. The cable can be installed directly from the reel without the need for special bending equipment. MC cables are available in long lengths, which eliminates the need for splicing. The VITALink® MC product line is certified to UL 2196 and ULC S139 “Tests for Fire Resistive Cables” for 2-Hours. 


Source: RSCC WIre & Cable New VITALink MC Meets 2 Hour UL Fire Test, 2014