Introducing Drexan Heat Trace Cables

Texcan continues to grow our product lines and we are excited to introduce the new line of Heat trace products & accessories from Drexan. These in-stock heat trace products are used in residential, commercial & industrial applications for both metal & plastic pipes. 

The products are self-regulating and provide reliable freeze protection in hazardous & non-hazardous locations.

Additionally, in the Drexan product lines are a full range of wattages & voltages for roof & gutter applications which includes complete accessories for end-to-end solutions from our vast inventory.

The Drexan heat trace product lines features & benefits include:

• CSA 

• With suitable protection, will prevent freezing for underground and overhead pipes

• Self-regulating and energy efficient

• For use on metal or plastic pipes

• Offer in-house Engineering & design support.

• SJP style- Polyolefin-Roof & Gutter or Industrial up to 85C

• SJ style- Fluoropolymer- Industrial- Exposure to Chemicals or corrosives up to 85C.

• Both style Cables are certified for both Hazardous and Non-hazardous locations.

• Higher temperature heat trace cables available upon request.

• Drexan is the only self-regulating cable in the world that has an extra layer of urethane extruded over the core. This urethane layer adds toughness to the cable and ensures more even heat transfer.

• The major difference in quality between Drexan and all other cables is the tightness of all layers of construction. The tighter the cable construction the better the cable sheds its heat to the pipe (not wasting power) as well as adds significant toughness.

Call us today for a quality, in-house stocked product with end-end provided solutions.