Careers - Culture

Texcan’s culture is unique. Whether you’re a long-service employee or a brand-new hire, one thing is clear: you are encouraged and you will benefit from how we support our people.

At Texcan, our values drive our business. We are passionate about our customers’ projects – when they succeed, we succeed.

We pride ourselves in letting our employees run with their ideas. We take notice of who has initiative, who does a great job, and who has a desire to achieve. We respect and reward employee accomplishments and celebrate individuals who come up through the ranks.

As a new employee, you’ll be part of a company that is fast-paced, responsive, and sound.

Community involvement is valued

Texcan employees care. As a leading Canadian employer, we’re an important part of the communities where we work. That’s why we sponsor local initiatives and charitable organizations that are near and dear to our team. In fact, many of our charitable initiatives are driven at the regional staff level or through Texcan’s Social Committee and supported by Corporate.


We all have people who count on us to stay safe at work. That’s why Texcan has rigorous safety standards and ensures every employee is trained in safety procedures. 

All Texcan employees are responsible for safety, which has resulted in our excellent safety record. However, it’s not just our employees we care about – we make sure partners, customers, and site visitors are protected too.


Showing concern for the environment is important at Texcan – it’s part of who we are. We take environmental responsibility seriously and have developed Texcan Environmental Standards and participate in BlueWay, an eco-oriented community supporting green behavior and the creation and use of sustainable electricity.
We have corporate programs to reduce waste and recycle. We seek out suppliers who use eco-friendly manufacturing processes and offer energy-saving products. We take part in environmental awareness and education activities and encourage Texcan employees to do their part as well.