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Marmon Electrical manufactures specialty low voltage signal and control cables and power cables for the oil & gas, energy, utility, transit, fire safety, commercial, industrial, and other markets. In addition to VITALink® product brand names, Exane®, PermaTEC®, FireWall®, and others are also included. Marmon Electrical is part of the Marmon Group, which operates 14 wire and cable manufacturers and is part of Berkshire Hathaway

For commercial applications, Underwriters Labs Canada (ULC) has formally recognized VITALink® metal clad (MC) cables as passing the circuit integrity test in accordance with the Standard ULC-S-139, and are now listed by ULC as being protected against exposure to fire for a period of 2 hours with hose stream. Used in high rise buildings, VITALink® Type MC/RC90 are marked "ULC S-139" and can now be used in installations where protection of conductors against exposure to fire is mandated by Article of the National Building Code of Canada as well as by provincial/territorial building codes or municipal building by-laws.

VITALink® MC/RC 90 cables also provide electrical cable system designers and electrical contractors enhanced ease of installation in the riser of a commercial building. There is no need for installing additional offsets or supports within the riser because VITALink® MC Cables are designed with fire safety technology plus additional support between the conductors and the armor to prevent cable pull out during long vertical installations.

In the United States, UL has listed VITALink® MC 2-hour fire rated cable systems as certified UL 2196, and meets criteria of UL Electrical Circuit Integrity System FHIT 120. VITALink® MC Cables offer cost savings, reliability, and installation advantages. The grounding copper sheath is terminated with a readily available brass MC type connector and the cable connections are made without the need for splicing or special tools. When compared to Mineral Insulated (MI) cable, VITALink® MC is not exposed to costly field expenses in preparing cable ends, special panel penetrations, additional flexible terminations, and the splicing of shorter lengths in longer runs. VITALink® MC is not susceptible to voltage failures caused by moisture ingress through leaky seals or faulty storage.