Forestry, Pulp & Paper

Establishing and maintaining efficient, safe production can be a real challenge in the isolated, rugged environments where forestry, pulp and paper industries often operate.

Texcan can be a key contributor to reducing down time with our extensive inventory  of more than 16, 000 North American-made products and outstanding service. Here’s how:

Specialized products

Forestry-related industries need products that adhere to safety regulations and that won’t fail, even in harsh conditions. Texcan offers a broad range of industry-specific items like:

  • Armoured cable for Teck cable and instrumentation cable applications
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) cable to handle fluctuating on-site currents
  • Tray cable (CSA approved) in various insulation and jacket specifications
  • Noise-reduction wire and cable

Emergency support

Shutdowns on major projects or facilities cost a lot of money. In order to restore production at pulp & paper mills, our experts are available on an emergency basis and are able to work with customer’s on-site including:

  • Electrical contractors
  • Instrumentation and control specialists
  • Maintenance personnel

Project support

Texcan’s team of sales and technical support resources are there to support both small and large scale projects every step of the way.

Should it be a large capital project, Texcan’s Major Projects Group gets involved early on in projects to provide feasibility studies, contract pricing, detailed reports and other services to increase efficiency. Industry engineers, owners and contractors benefit from our dedicated and experienced teams that provide EPC integration to support projects from start to finish.

Communications and safety systems

Heavy industrial environments need reliable power for safety devices. Texcan’s communication cable  ensures safety monitoring equipment and network communications perform consistently.

Storage and shipping expertise

As a leading wire and cable supplier , Texcan has almost 600,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space.  Products are ready-to-go, because we:

  • Match product releases to our customer schedules to reduce on-site storage
  • Have centrally located facilities near major transportation routes
  • Track deliveries to ensure products arrive when needed – eliminating delays


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