Government & Institutions

Government agencies and public institutions require a broad range of electrical and electronic wire and cable products. Texcan can help you find the best solution for the best price, which ensures that public funds are used effectively. 

With an extensive North American-made inventory and experienced staff, we can help provide safe and efficient solutions to your electrical distribution challenges. 

Industry experience

As a leading wire and cable supplier, Texcan has supplied both products and services to a wide variety of public projects, including:

  • Parks and recreational facilities
  • Roads and highways
  • Schools and universities
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Emergency services
  • Military and secure facilities

Product knowledge

Our knowledge of cable selection and applications is unparalleled. Our staff can speak with contractors to provide detailed technical engineering data and, if we don’t have the product on hand, we’ll explore substitutes that can reduce costly delays.

Specialty products

We can provide specialty cables for military communications, including marine applications, and we ensure products meet stringent military specifications.

We also have a broad range of products to support secure industrial communications.

Custom cable solutions

We tailor products to meet your requirements by:

  • Custom-cutting – our customers pay only for what is needed
  • Specialized packaging – cable jacket identifiers, such as striping, speeds up installation
  • Custom packing – crates, pallets, codes and labels streamline receiving and storage

Environmental responsibility 

Texcan is committed to the sustainable use of electricity and eco-friendly products and processes. From responsibly disposing of excess packaging to recycling cable reels, we aim to reduce our environmental footprint.

For more information on how we can help you with your next project: