Major Projects Cable Supply

Large-scale projects need special attention – that’s why Texcan was the first cable supplier in our market to develop a Major Projects Group. Our team of specialists works with engineers, project owners, and contractors to support major national or international projects in a start-to-finish service cycle. 

As a long-term project partner, we’ve contributed towards the success of hundreds of major Canadian and International projects. A small sampling of our local project portfolio includes:

  • Oil sands development in Northern Alberta
  • Light Rail Transit (LRT) in key Canadian metropolitans including Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, and more
  • Potash and Uranium Mining in Saskatchewan
  • Run-of-river projects in British Columbia and Manitoba
  • Oil & gas exploration, production, and refining in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba
  • Diamond mining in the Northwest Territories
  • Aggregates, coal, and metal mining in BC
  • Natural gas in Northern BC and Alberta
  • Bio-mass, cogeneration, and green energy projects in BC
  • Pipeline development Canada-wide

Our Major Projects Group can help you reduce costs, save time, mitigate risk, and increase efficiencies by:

Getting involved early

No matter what stage a project is at, we’ll offer expert support. This can come in the form of feasibility studies, project design, and project launch. Right from the start, we dedicate one point of contact – and we’ll stay involved all the way to project clean-up.

Providing detailed data

We offer technical data such as detailed product specifications, drawings, and pricing, for feasibility studies and design.

Reducing total cost of ownership

We provide reports, data books, logistics support, and other materials to help you reduce administration costs.

Educating and engaging

More than any other cable supplier, Texcan’s Major Projects Group is dedicated to sharing information about Canadian business practices, industry trends, and opportunities. We make sure that you have the information needed to make informed choices about current or upcoming projects. 


Working from Texcan's head office, the Major Projects Group has direct access to decision-makers who can adapt services to meet your requirements. We can also draw on the global resources of the Sonepar Group of Companies, the world’s leading electrical distributor. 

We’re the best place to find specialized teams of technical, sales, procurement, and administrative staff who can help minimize costs and speed up completion of larger projects. Find out more about markets the Major Projects Group has served or contact a Major Projects Representative at 1-855-MPG-7676 (1-855-674-7676) or email us at

For more information on how we can help with your next project: