Contractor Pulling Paralleled Cable

A Whole New Way To Pull Wire

Southwire LogoSouthwire’s SIMpull Solutions® speeds up installation time, creates a safer work environment, and revolutionizes the
way you pull cable today!


SIMpull™ Parallel & Stacked Reel

Paralleled and stacked cable reels allow you to combine multiple cable runs onto one single reel. One reel can contain up to 5 phases and 4 different pulls. Stacked reels containing multiple pulls are separated by shrink wrap with an easy to pull SIMpull RipCHIP™ for quick removal of the wrap.  

  • Reduces scrap and clean-up  
  • Speeds up installation time
  • Lowers on-site yard space requirements by decreasing the number of reels required at a job
  • Each segment can be cut-to-length
  • Customize your paralleled cable with the jacket colour combinations of your choice
  • SIMpull Heads™ pulling grips can be pre-installed to each circuit upon request
  • Product options include NoLube® SIMpull RW90, T90, and RWU90 (copper & aluminum)

SIMpull Reel™

A traditional cable pull typically requires a tremendous amount of labour, equipment, and time to move, set up, and pay off feeder cables safely. Southwire's SIMpull Reel™ maneuverable payoff system eliminates the need for additional equipment and makes it possible for one worker to safely and efficiently maneuver a 6,000 lb reel through narrow halls and doorways.

  • Maneuverable payoff system with independent rotating flanges and a separate rotating inner wheel
  • Allows one person to move a reel weighing up to 6,000 lbs/2,722kg without the need for pallet jacks and other equipment
  • Integral magnetic reel chocks and payoff tension adjustment
  • Significantly easier and safer to move reels throughout the job site
  • Fits through 32” wide door ways (reel size: 61” H x 30” W)
  • Can be placed right next to the feed conduit/point


Labour Cost Savings Comparison Chart:
Traditional Cable Pull vs. SIMpull Reel™ Payoff System

  Stacked or Parallel Cable Pull

Feeder comparison: (1) 400A pull 350', (2) 200A pulls: 235' & 255', (2) 100A: 240' & 250'

SIMpull Reel™ Manueverable Payoff System Video