Engineering and Technical Cable Support

Do you have the right cables and cable accessories for the job? Call us and we can talk about your specific project requirements. Whether it's cable connectors, termination kits, or splice kits, as wire and cable specialists, our experts have the technical guidance you need. Our experienced centralized purchasing and product management group can quickly and reliably create cabling solutions that match your specified technical requirements. 

Eliminating guesswork

We know what works; our knowledge of cable applications and selection is unparalleled. Our staff can provide detailed technical engineering data, including data on new cable offerings, and review building materials to ensure that you have the right cabling option. We can also discuss substitutions if we don't have a product on hand or if our discussion reveals that another cabling option would better suit your jobsite challenges. 

Understanding product application

We pride ourselves on speaking with our customers to understand their specific needs before we make product recommendations. Our staff is familiar with a wide range of applications for various products and can recommend what works best. This way, the product can be used immediately, which keeps operations on track and saves you time and money.

Paying attention to details

Technical details on a wide product range can be overwhelming. We can help meet any project’s technical requirements for:

  • Ampacity – to eliminate risk of current overload
  • Bending radii – to ensure product flexibility matches building configurations
  • Terminations – to conform to proper cable termination practices

Knowing the codes

Our detailed knowledge of CSA, Canadian and North American electrical codes means we can help projects meet all regulatory requirements for wire and cable. We stay current on codes so our customers can be confident about compliance. 

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