Transportation & Marine

Transportation and marine industries face unique operational challenges – salt and corrosive environments, extreme weather conditions and rugged terrain. Texcan helps customers overcome these challenges. Here’s how:

Industry experience

As a leading wire and cable supplier in Canada , Texcan has supported a wide range of transportation projects in sectors including:

  • Aerospace – including airport construction and expansion as well as aircraft manufacturing
  • Public transit – including construction of light rapid transit, buses and other vehicles
  • Highways – including bridges and tunnels
  • Marine – including shipbuilding and marine facilities
  • Automotive including truck manufacturing and assembly lines

Product selection

With $65 million in inventory , Texcan has the right products, ready-to-ship. We supply specialty products such as low-smoke, zero halogen and other products built to withstand extreme temperatures, environmental stresses, water and corrosion.

Technical expertise

Our knowledge of cable selections and applications is unparalleled. Our staff can speak with contractors to provide detailed technical engineering data including data on new cable offerings. If we don’t have the product on hand, we’ll explore substitutes that can save costly delays.

Streamlined supply

With an extensive inventory and a comprehensive distribution network, Texcan offers the right products at the right price, delivered fast. Our supply chain expertise helps our customers reduce carrying costs, free up warehouse space and speed up installation.

Environmental responsibility

Transportation routes have environmental impacts on land, air and sea. Texcan aims to help minimize those impacts through sustainable use of electricity and eco-friendly products and processes. From responsibly disposing of excess packaging to recycling cable reels, we aim to reduce our environmental footprint.

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