Wire and Cable Supply Services

At Texcan, our experience sets us apart. While many distributors can provide electrical and electronic wire and cable products, we’re able to offer much more.

In addition to an extensive inventory of North American-made products, we provide a range of tailored services to ensure customers get what they need, when they need it. From custom cable cutting to project management to after-hours emergency help, we tailor our services to fit our customer’s specifications.

Cable & Inventory Management

Cable and Inventory Management

Learn more about how we can increase your on-site efficiency by taking care of the details.

Custom Cabling Solutions

Custom Cable Solutions

Discover our customer cabling solution designed to fit almost any project’s application and specification needs.

Texcan Major Projects Group

Major Projects

See why our unique approach to large projects takes the guesswork out of everything from feasibility studies to data books and other logistics support.

Texcan Supply Chain Solutions

Supply Chain Solutions

Find out how we can support you in getting the products you need, where you need them, in a hurry.

Cable Technical Support

Technical Support

Review how our product specialists can create cabling solutions that match your specific technical requirements, quickly and reliably.

International Export

International Export

Gain insight into how our team of specialists can streamline the international export process for you.

Emergency Services

Emergency Service

See how our live help available around the clock can help you avoid dangerous, costly disruptions.

Paralleling and SIMpull

Paralleling and SIMpull

Learn how paralleling and SIMpull Solutions will reduce your labor costs, while creating a safer work environment.